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Over Ten Agents Signed for Long-term Partnership

April 30th, 2014


Based on fast increasing of sales of Mamibot robotic products, we have been looking for long-term strategical partners all over the world to extend our superior products and services to worldwide users. More than ten companies signed long-term agent agreements with Mamibot, seeking for continuous and healthy cooperation relationship. Now the sales network of Mamibot covers most continents including America, EU, Asia and Oceania. 

We are thankful for the support from both our agents and end users, and will keep supplying more affordable high quality products.


About Mamibot

With a mission and vision of “My automating ideas be overture”, we are dedicated to design and manufacture robots that can perform as intelligently as, or even outperform humans on household chores. We provide a wide range of home cleaning robots, inside and outside, including vacuum cleaners for floors, robotic mops, robotic window cleaner and robotic lawn mowers. We have a great vision of saving you from all-around tedious chores. 


Compared to the competition, which we have actually done many times in various experiments and will keep doing so to maintain our superiority, Mamibot robots are featured better cleaning performance, with smarter technology, more user-friendly design and durable hardware. 

With Mamibot robots, you can have dustless carpets and floors, shinning windows, neatly mowed lawns, while being free from endless chores. Let's leave all chores to our robotic cleaners, and enjoy an easier life!

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