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Mamibot Cordlesser V6.png

The Mamibot Cordlesser® V6 Multifunction cordless stick vacuum cleaner, with cleaning heads for hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, dust mite cleaning, mattress cleaning, crevice cleaning, and car vacuuming.

We do trust that you need one Mamibot Cordlesser V6 in your home

Mamibot V6 Cordless1.jpg

Cordless &multifunctional

Easy way of cleaning

Enjoy house vacuuming

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser2.jpg

More than convenient


Stylish design

and easy storing

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser4.jpg

Powerful Vacuuming

Strong Motor helps Cordlesser V6 suck dust, hair, mite and big debris



Max Power




Mamibot V6 Cordlesser5.jpg

Longer Working Time

Long-lasting working
for 25-50 minutes with 
detachable battery pack

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser6.jpg

Low profile design with multiple purpose cleaning condition

Cordlesser V6 cleans hard floor carpet, curtain, sofa, mattress and more

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser7.jpg

Light and comfortable

Ergonomic handle

Easy and flexible

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser8.jpg

Stable power output

with normal and strong vacuuming modes in 25-50 min working time

Mamibot V6 cordlesser9.png

Less Strength required

Slightly hold it to vacuum floor in a relaxed way

Mamibot V6 cordlesser10.png

Change cleaning heads as you need

Use different cleaning head to reach different objects

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser11.jpg

Dust Mite Cleaning

Specially designed head for
dust mite/mattress vacuuming

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser12.jpg

Reaches Crevice

The 2-in-1 Crevice cleaning head

can clean hard-to-reach areas, with a 

thorougher vacuuming result.

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser13.jpg

Integrated for floor

and car vacuuming

Prolonged flat nozzle to reach small gaps in your car

Mamibot V6 Cordlesser14.jpg

Wide operating angle

Cordlesser V6 can be operated in a wide angle of 180 degrees in vertical and 90 degrees in horizontal

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