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The Mamibot Cordlesser® FLOMO LITE Multifunction cordless FLOOR WASHER and vacuum cleaner is the 6th generation floor washer, specially designed for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as cornered areas in bathrooms, kitchens, or locations with narrowed space between walls and households. It features self-air-drying to the brush set and pipe and manual controllable water spraying.  

Wet washing and dry vacuuming at the same time.
Self-cleaning and charging base integrated with self-air-drying.
Clean water and dirty water tank separated.
Two levels of suction power in Eco/Max Modes.
Light designed with a brush head of only 25cm wide.
20-38 min running time in Eco/Max modes.
LED screen visible for working status.
Press-button brush cover for easier maintenance.
Voice reminding functioning.
Tap water electrolyzing for disinfection purposes (Optional version).
Special designed stick-to-edge half-opened roller brush.
Less power consumption but with high performance and efficiency.

FLOMO LITE (10)_edited.jpg

the 6th generation floor washer - 
light designed with smaller brush head


With air-drying self-charging station
and self-propelled roller brush

***Tap water electrolyzing for disinfection is an optional function, please subject to the exact product you receive.

Large LED Display Screen
shows visible status

Cleaning Modes Displaying

Battery Displaying

Self-cleaning Status

Running Time Counting

Voice Promotion Status

Water Tank Status


Upgraded with Brushless Motors & Smaller Size

Wet and Dry Integrated

Self-cleaning & Charging

Brush &Pipe Self-air-drying

Applicable to Multiple floors

Cordless Designed

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Small Space Suitable

Self- Propelled

38 min  Running


Wash, vacuum, and mop at one time

As the other modes of Mamibot’s Flomo series cleaners, FLOMO LITE vacuums and washes all types of hard floors in wet&dry condition



Powered by a BLDC motor that delivers 7000PA and 12000PA suctions.



Solid Wood


Powerful Cleaning Ability at Comfortable Noise Level
FLOMO LITE doesn’t have annoying noise in running even though it has a strong suction up to 12000PA. Thanks to its BLDC motors and upgraded air-flue structure.


Roller brush suitable
for all hard floors

The special designed multi-surface roller brush is perfect for all types of hard floors and carpets with short rugs.


Designed especially for
hard-to-reach small places

A problem for you to clean tight corners/small places? Not anymore if you have FLOMO LITE. It has a brush head of 25cm wide only, which is much smaller than other similar products’, so FLOMO LITE can enter such corners easier and more flexibly.


Multiple cleaning purposes


Hard Floors
Dust and debris on marble, ceramic, sealed and laminated floors

Rugs of short pile
Dust and debris on short-rugs
*It may not suitable for some
rugs with long hair

For Pets Owner
Pet hair, footprints, debris
and daily cleaning

For Kids
Clean snack scraps, milk residual, meal messes


It's not easy for all conventional cleaners to reach the edge of walls in daily cleaning, but it’s not a problem anymore if you have a FLOMO LITE.

Stick-to-edge half-opened brush
Say goodbye to blind spots


Controllable Suction and
Spraying Volume

The suction power is switchable to Eco mode and Max mode. Meanwhile, when FLOMO LITE is in washing mode, it’s possible to control the suction power or the water spraying volume to stronger or standard condition by simply pressing the button.


Smaller  brush head for limited areas

It’s frustrating when your cleaner can’t reach the corners, then you need to do it by hand. FLOMO LITE can enter most household corners to solve your problems.


Self-cleaning Charging Station with Air-drying

The 16 arrayed spraying nozzles transfers clear water to the brush set evenly. Press to start self-cleaning and self-air-drying after each use, keep your brush set dry and avoid secondary pollution or bad smell.

Self-air-drying from
the charging dock

16 spraying


Separated Clean & Dirty Tanks

Clean Water is kept in clean water tank, dirty water and debris are collected back to dirty water tank.


Long-lasting lithium battery

38 minutes running time is enough for covering up to 260 sqm floor cleaning, which is only in one full charging circle. There is a possibility to upgrade the battery- pack up to 4900mAh, delivering over 55 min running time in one charging circle.


Easy-to-disassemble Brush Set


You can clean or change the brush set by a button-pressing.


Self-propelled Roller Brush

Hold the Handle, just Walk Behind


No hard pushes or pulls needed, just hold and follow the super user-friendly FLOMO LITE, your floor can be cleaned in nothing more than a strolling.

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