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About Mysolar

Mysolar is a Mamibot company and brand, specialized in designing and manufacturing solar panels with the most the-state-of-the-art technology. 

Mysolar aims to build itself tier 1 brand solar panel manufacturer. Mysolar has a team of the most experienced engineers with more than 15 years Solar PV manufacturing, the strictest quality control team who averagely worked more than 10 years in Solar Panel production , the most client-oriented and professional sales team who know the art to provide proper solutions and answers to customers and the most dedicated R&D masters who can bring the latest cost-effective and high-efficent solar modules to the market. 

We believe that we are rewriting the history of  energy consumption way and we are doing more to build a cleaner and more comfortable world.

Capacity 1.2GW

Capacity 1.2GW

China basement 800MW Vietnam basement 400MW

Worldwide shipment

Worldwide shipment

1.3GW solar panels were shipped till 2019

Installations worldwide

Installations worldwide

1.27GW solar panels were installed worldwide



Mysolar USA headquarters

Vietnam base

Vietnam base

Mysolar has capacity of 400MW till 2020 for Made-in-Vietnam solar panels

China base

China base

Mysolar China has capacity of 800MW capacity till 2019

Mysolar Shingled Panel: the latest and the best solar technology in mass production.

Some reasons that make SHINGLED panels better than general mono perc modules.

Higher Power Output based on the same size, up to 650W maximumly with 210x210mm wafer.

Higher Panel Efficiency: up to 21.5%

More electricity gain: up to 1.08%

Much Lower Bos: saves up to 9.7%

Less Micro-crack risks due to ECA tech

Better hot-spot resistance

Better PID performance and Lower LID

Low Temperature Production procedure

Longer Warranty with less degradation

Elegant and attractive design for installations

More Flexible and stronger mechanical performance

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Mysolar Supo Series Shingled panel from 385W to 400W, with 158.75*158.75mm wafer, dimension 1646*1140*35mm

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Mysolar Supo Series Shingled panel from 460W to 470W, with 158.75*158.75mm wafer, dimension 1969*1140*35mm

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Mysolar Shingled 650W
Mysolar Shingled 650W

Mysolar Gold Series Shingled panel from 635W to 650W, with 210*210mm wafer, dimension 2355*1302*35mm

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Mysolar Shingled Bifacial 660W
Mysolar Shingled Bifacial 660W

Mysolar Gold Series Bifacial double glass Shingled panel from 640W to 660W, with 210*210mm wafer, dimension 384*1303*35mm

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Ring of Light Bulbs

More than 10 reasons to choose Mysolar reliable solar panels for your power system

Multi BB solar cells
Mysolar panels have 5BB 9BB/12BB cells that can reduce current heat loss of the cells and increase the current collection ability.
mysolar panel compatible 1500V 1000V sav
1500V system voltage
Mysolar panels are of 1500V system voltage design compatible to 1000V/1500V and reduces BoS cost greatly.
Mysolar PID resistant.png
Mysolar solar panels are PID-resistant which were tested to the industry’s most rigorous durability standards in accordance to IEC 62804. 
Mysolar undertakes more Load Pressure.pn
Strong and Safe
Mysola rpanels can bear the most challenging environmental conditions, certified to withstand 2400 Pa negative load of wind and 5400 Pa positive load of snow.
Mysolar panels ammonia resistant.png
Salt mist-resistant and Ammonia-Resistant
Mysolar solar panels passed tests of salt-resistance and anmonia-resistance. All Mysolar solar panels can be used for projects that require salt-resistant and/or anmonia-resistant.
Mysolar Low Light Power Output.png
Better Low Light Output
Mysolar uses the best solar glass and cells, and assembling technology to guarantee good performance in cloudy days or low light conditions
Mysolar panel 0-6Watt Positive power tol
More Positive Tolerance
Mysolar guarantees that all solar modules manufacturered by Mysolar have 0~6W positive tolerance. 
Mysolar More output.png
Higher Output
With multi-busbar (5BB) cells, and 1500V system voltage, super solar glass, Mysoar solar panels have higher output than its competitors
Mysolar panel twice EL microcrack test.p
High Reliablity
Mysolar has complete testing facilities for UV, TC, HF, EL etc tests. 100% Mysolar panels were tested and we guarantee minimum twice EL tests. 
Mysolar warranty.jpg
Confident Warranty
Mysolar offers 25/30 years limited product warranty and over 25/30 years performance warranty for all the solar modules (30 years for Bifacial and Shingled panels)

Certifications for Mysolar and the solar panels

CHUBB Insurance Mysolar.png
CEC Australia.jpg

Mysolar confident Linear Performance warranty for the high-efficient solar panels


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