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The Mamibot Cordlesser® V6 Plus  is a Multifunctional cordless stick vacuum cleaner for all floor deep cleaning
with up to 45 minutes running time and 21KPA suction power

V6 Plus is designed for all floor cleaning and pets hair cleaning


Cordlesser V6 Plus 

Vacuum Max 21000Pa
Cordless Multifunctional Stick Vacuum


Super Brushless Motor
The brushless motor of V6 PLUS delivers a true cyclone suction power of 21000pa in max mode


A 45 min Battery Pack

No worry if you have a big house, V6 Plus lasts for 45 minutes in standard mode. You can buy an extra as an alternative as the pack is detachable


Not just Energy-saving

The vacuuming motor is designed to save more energy for longer running time, but with a proper balanced suction to clean hard floors, carpets efficiently


Powerful and Long-lasting

Let’s be stronger and longer


A roller brush for all floors

No need to change the brush heads when clean different floors, the roller brush can also slightly drag the cleaner to move forward, which brings a more comfortable and flexible experience in vacuuming.


Lower Down Easily

Narrow and underneath areas is always hard to reach, and with hidden dusts/mites/germs. V6 Plus gives a good to go cleaning for such areas.


3-in-1 Designed, no More no Less

One V6 Plus is enough for cleaning floors, sofas ,curtains, underneath areas, high positioned locations, car seats, wall corners, window gaps, and more to be discovered.


Press-to-empty Dust Box
It’s convenient to use and maintain


Front Head LED 

The front LED light provides unobstructed views of dust and blind spots, debris can not hide from any of your cleaning paths.

Mamibot V6 PLUS (2).jpg

Stylish Designed

The fashionable design of the mamibot facilitates the storage of the cordless V6 Plus without worrying about occupying a large space, falling off, or breaking your walls


Longer or Shorter, up to you

When you want to reach high position areas, put the aluminum tube between the cleaner and the crevice brush; When you want to do the cleaning for sofas, car seats, or even on keyboards, then take off the aluminum tube. 


Wide Operating Angle

The cordless V6 Plus can be lifted up/down in 90 degrees.
It makes your cleaning easier and more flexible

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