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Mamibot iGLASSBOT W200 SkyBot is a patented cordless robot window cleaner with cordless design and the longest running time up to 100 minutes on one charge. W200 SkyBot is the slimmest robot window cleaner, which is only 8cm thick.

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W200 SkyBot
Cordless Robot Window Cleaner
Clean windows easier than ever


Meet your demands  
with more features


W200 SkyBot works in smart and auto suction-adjusting

W200 delivers 2000PA to 2600PA suction as per the exact glass surface dirty level. It can change suction power automatically according to the working condition, and protects itself well with stronger suction when moving to the edge of frameless glass.


Brushless Motor of 25000rpm
The cleaner can keep itself sticking to the glass safe and wipe the glass in all directions. The vertial load-bearing from the robot is up to 5KG
 *Data from Mamibot Lab for reference only


Superior Battery Pack
Window Cleaning with a cordless robot is not a dream

W200 SkyBot carries a 3350 mAh detachable battery pack, combining an auto suction-adjusting algorithm. The power cord is not necessary anymore.


Up to 100 minutes of running time

One charge for more tasks

W200 SkyBot finishes 1sqm cleaning in less than 3 minutes, it’s able to wipe up to 30 sqm glass in one full charge. W200 can be fully charged in 100minutes if twice cleaning is on call. An extra backup battery pack can be purchased for continuous tasks.

Up to 100 minutes after one charge


Dual safety-protection
Safe and free in all directions

One safety rope with 1.5m wire to keep your W200 SkyBot being fixed on indoor fixture, a cupula with 2.5m extension cable to maintain the robot stick on glass for all-direction cleaning.

Heavy dust is hard to be

moved, but dry wiping

can help.

After heavy dust is moved out, wet cleaning can be more      efficient and thorougher


Intelligent path planning
One-press to start and stop

AI algorithm plans the smartest cleaning path. The robot can be controlled by a 2.4G remote control within maximum of 20 meters straight line distance. It returns to starting point automatically.

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Super Slim design

W200 SkyBot is by now the slimmest robot window cleaner with only 8cm thickness. It can fit more cleaning conditions.

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Press to Start and Stop
Easier for handling and maintenance in daily window cleaning.


Smart Frame Detection
W200 SkyBot detects window frames automatically and adjusts its direction in time to optimize its cleaning patterns. 


Dual-protection in edge detection for frameless glass cleaning

4 sensors help W200 SkyBot detect edges of frameless windows, auto suction-adjusting algorithm enables the robot to increase suction power at the glass edge to protect it from falling off. 

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Fantastic Design, Remote Control in hands

W200 SkyBot can be operated by a 2.4G wireless remote control for a straight-line distance as far as 20 meters.  You can adjust the cleaning paths manually and bring them back to your reachable position after each cleaning


Washable and Reusable Cloths
The specially designed micro-fabric cloths can be reused and washed for many times.

Noise Level <65dB

A quiet and comfortable

cleaning is prepared for you

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