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The Mamibot Cordlesser® V6 Pro  is a Multifunctional cordless stick vacuum cleaner, with cleaning heads for hard floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, dust mite cleaning, mattress cleaning, crevice cleaning, and car vacuuming.

V6 Pro is a cost-effective, efficient, long-lasting and easy to use vacuum

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Cost Saving &Multifunctional

120W Rated Power
40 min Running Time


Strong Suction Power

It’s easy to use V6 Pro to vacuum dust, hair, mites and bigger debris


Flexible and Long Running
90 degree flexible design allows for easy cleaning  of areas under sofas, tables and chairs that are difficult to reach; the Li-ion battery pack delivers up to 45 min running for up to 200 sqm vacuuming


Less Power Consumption

but with tremendous cleaning efficiency and performance


Efficient Brush Set

The brush set is specially designed, and it’s super efficient and flexible when vacuuming all types of hard floors and carpets.


More than convenient

Stylish designed and easy storing


Long-lasting Battery

up to 45 minutes running time in Eco mode


Press-to-empty Dust Box
It’s convenient to use and maintain


Low Noise

V6 Pro has a low noise level in cleaning status


Lays down flat
Lift the brush head in a maximum degree of 90 to reach  underneath areas like beds, sofa, chairs, desks


Reach Higher Positions

Detach the alternative brush head to reach high/narrow areas


Not only for floors

The crevice brush is designed to clean surface of sofa, keyboards, curtains, car seats and other crevices.


Multiple 3-in-1

Cleaning floors, sofas ,curtains, underneath areas, high positioned locations by one V6 Pro

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