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The Mamibot Cordlesser® Flexa PRO is a second generation Multifunction cordless hard floor cleaner that brings you a new way for hard floor cleaning, with a 360° Swingable Cleaning head and with 180° lay-down handle, runs up to 30 minutes in 7KPA suction and 15 minutes in 14KPA suction. It fits hard-floor cleaning perfectly.

Mamibot Flexa PRO helps you vacuum hard floors in a more flexible way 

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Especially for hard floor cleaning
with a 360° Swingable Cleaning head


Cordless Flexa  PRO

Mamibot's Second Generation Multifunctional cordless hard floor cleaner


Brand New Cleaner
for a brand new cleaning experience



Flexa PRO has an moterised direction-opposite dual-roller brush that can pick up dirts and dust when moving forwards and backwards


360° Swingable

Flexa PRO has a omni-directional and compact cleaning head for more flexible operation angles and can reach small and tight spaces.


Vacuum in All-directions

No matter if you are pushing or pulling the cleaner, it picks debris all the time with the dual-roller brush as long as its brush is against the floor surface. (***It is not suitable for carpet/pile cleaning as the suction power is too strong when it’s against floor surface).


More Flexible around obstacles

It’s much easier to use it for cleaning surfaces or spaces with obstacles around than to use conventional stick vacuum cleaners


Motorised Dual-roller Brushes

One of the roller brushes moves forward while the other one moves backwards, both rollers move toward the middle direction of the brush set, and the brushes pick up dust and debris faster. Long-lasting battery life allows you to use it for 30-35 min in standard mode, 10-15 min in maximum mode. It works for up to 150 sqm cleaning in one charge.


Better for Tight-Space Cleaning

Slim-designed body makes it a perfect cleaner to reach tight areas such as corner of bidets areas, wall-cabinets, underneath areas of beds, sofa, chairs,etc.


Strong and Compact Motor

The motor delivers up to 14000PA suction so that Flexa PRO can vacuum your hard floors efficient and fast.


Lay it down in 180°

Flexa PRO can be lied flat for underneath cleaning. It reaches more in corners or underneath areas and don’t let dust hide in your room anymore.

mamibot flexa pro (4).jpg

Adaptable to
Crevice Nozzle

Flexa PRO has an adaptable Crevice nozzle, which is designed for versatile home cleaning or car seats cleaning


30 minutes running time

One charge for up to 200 sqm area cleaning in Eco mode

***Running time is originated from Mamibot lab testing condition, please subject to your cleaning time based on exact conditions.


Change to a handheld

Attach the Corner Cleaning brush to the device, clean spot areas, car seats or trunks in no time.


Charging&Storing Integrated

A wall-mounted holder with charging function is supplied for FLEXA PRO.


Multiple Charging Ways
for a more convenient using experience

Wall-mounted Charging
Charge Flexa PRO from the
wall-mounted holder

Lay-flat Charging
Charge Flexa PRO when
it’s lied flat

Direct Charging
Charge Flexa PRO
directly via the adapter

Battery Pack Charging
Take off the detachable battery pack & charge it 

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