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Mamibot iGLASSBOT W110-P is a promotional edition robot window cleaner launched in 2022 with patented Pumped TM Water Spray Features. It is the 5th gen round robot window cleaner.

W110-P Spraying.jpg

New Generation Robot Window Cleaner

Promotional Edition  W110-P

Self-Water-spraying Featured


Brand new and upgraded


W110-P saves both time and effort for you especially on big-size window cleaning


W110-P Cleans deeper in wet mode

The sprayed-out water mist can enhance its cleaning efficiency without getting the glass surface too wet

Dual Rotating Pads
The dual rotating pads can wipe dust and heavy dirt thorougher and more efficient
Motor with strong suction
enables the robot stick on glass tight and safe, and gives strong power to guarantee a good cleaning result

2500Pa Suction Power + 4m long Safety Rope

provide multiple safety  guarantee in cleaning. The 4 meter nylon safety rope can help your robot reach farther when it’s wiping the glass

Safety Rope:
Nylon, 4 meters

Superior Safety Rope and Climbing Carabiner Clips

Mamibot W110-P marketing 8.jpg

Sensitive Edge-pressure detection system
Built-in pressure detection sensors recall the robot moving backward when detecting frameless glass edge.
***data from the lab for reference only, it is not suggested to clean frameless glass

Precise algorithm &sensors for window lock catch detection 

Detect the window lock catch in time to prevent unnecessary stops or device-block during the cleaning process

Anti-falling and frameless detecting

When it meets a frameless glass edge, edge-detection will be triggered automatically to prevent the robot from pressure loss which may cause falling off.


Intelligent Path-planning and returning to start point automatically

W110-P  plans and cleans in “Z” or “N”, or “Z”+”N” modes and avoid itself being stuck by window handles

Return to start point
after each cleaning

Mamibot W110-P marketing 9.jpg

Dry and Wet wiping integrated 

Choose dry wiping for first time cleaning, to wipe heavy dust and dirt; choose wet wiping  in the secondary circle for more thorough cleaning experience.

Heavy dust is hard to be

moved, but dry wiping

can help.

After heavy dust is moved out, wet cleaning can be more      efficient and thorougher


Suitable for various surfaces


W110-P is able to clean most types of smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, marble, ceramics or laminates

(***It’s suggested to clean vertial surfaces and upper side horizontally-layed surfaces. It’s not suitable for cleaninghorizontal surface from bottom-to-top direction)


Window Glass


Frameless Glass door

Well-sealed ceramic floor surface

W110-P Using angle.jpg
Built-in UPS

The UPS supports up to 30 minutes suction when there’s a sudden power shut-down, an alarm beeps for security reminding

Self-sticking on glass

in sudden shut-down

Up to 30 minutes

UPS powering

App & Remote Controllable

Operate W110-p via APP or remote control. Direct it to the proper location manually when necessary

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mamibot W110-P (16).png
mamibot W110-P (5).png
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