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V4.0 Real Intelligent V+gyro SLAM Navigation robot vacuum cleaner - Mamibot EXVAC680S Smarteye TM

The real intelligent VISUAL SLAM Navigation robot vacuum cleaner by Mamibot, and the 4th generation smart cleaner - MAMIBOT EXVAC680S. It is till now one of the most cost-effective and efficient robot vacuum cleaners, featured with wide range of latest advanced technologies. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google play, all-in-one controlled by APP and can be operated from anywhere of the world as long as network is available.

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EXVAC680S Smarteye TM

Brand new V4.0 SLAM Navigation 

Mamibot V+gyro Navi Technology

Camera-supported navigation robot 360 ° mapping with 4-core processors

Explore Mamibot EXVAC680S Smarteye TM Step by step
1 Intelligent MAMIBOT EXVAC680S .jpg

Intelligent EXVAC680S Smarteye TM

 Upgraded SLAM 4.0 AI algorithm
V+Gyro navigation system leads full environment photographing&mapping, which provides smarter patterns and supports RESUME-CLEAN mode.


anti-bumping MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg
6 pcs anti-falling sensors, anti-falling height >8CM



MOVING&MAPPING at the same time

Upgraded V4.0 SLAM V+GYRO Navigation system EXVAC680S generates map on APP the same time when moving Control everything on APP, it knows cleaned and to-be-cleaned areas.
auto charging MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

Find charging base precisely

6 pairs of sensors to receive and send signals As wide as 180 degrees signal communication angle optimizes signal pairing, the EXVAC680S can find charging base precisely. Charging base is marked on the map of your APP. It remembers the charging base and finds it faster and easier when in low battery
2. Smarter mopping MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

Smarter mopping EXVAC680S

Smarteye TM

Bigger capacity
370ML tank volume,  electronic controlled water flowing. EXVAC680S mops for longer time and bigger areas; Control water flow speed through APP to maximize its efficiency in smarter way.
Ground-touch mopping MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.j
Ground-touch Mopping
App controlled water leaking volume,  ground-touch mopping Automatically adjusting pressure. No more, no less
Water mop floor in ease
Ground-touch mopping
It's not easy to clean underneath area
if the robot is too high or the condition has low profile structure.
under sofa cleaning MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jp
3 thinner MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

Thinner EXVAC680S  8.1cm slim body

Flexible cleaning underneath
under sofa/beds/cabinets= gathering place of dust and mites 8.1CM slim body of the robot to enter underneath areas easier
4 more powerful MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg


Customized brushless motors
Stronger power, lower noise, longer lifespan, higher rotating speed, less power consumption
Cross and climbs over obstacle
EXVAC680S is able to cross and climb over from 15mm to maximum 20mm obstacles, which means it can vacuum multiple rooms and carpets in proper way
Escaping MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg
Escape faster when got trapped
When got trapped in cleaning, EXVAC680S  starts detecting in 360 degrees angle to escape from being tangled. A message will be sent to APP on your phone if it can’t escape, and will enter sleeping mode automatically in 10 minutes.
5. Thorougher MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

Thorough Mamibot EXVAC680S  Smarteye TM                2000pa + 3 levels filtering 

Multiple cleaning patterns to deal with different conditions
3-in-1 integrated MAMIBOT EXVAC680S MAMI
3-in-1 INTEGRATED Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping
3 levels of filtering system MAMIBOT EXV
3 levels filtering
Three level filtering system of HEPA filter, sponge and fabric net to avoid secondary pollution.
6.More Efficient MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

More Efficient Mamibot EXVAC680S  Smarteye TM      Long running time for big house

2600mAh lithium battery
One charge for long time cleaning Over-charging  protection 
Auto zoning MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg
The MAMIBOT EXVAC680S Smarteye TM scans the to-be-cleaned areas and compose wise moving plans to cover all possible reachable locations efficiently (Please be noted that the APP will not show its zoned-separated areas as our LDS robots do in its map due to the firmware version. ) 

Quieter Mamibot EXVAC680S  Smarteye TM                      Denoise design

Noise reducing design MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.
Why quieter
Customized brushless motors, aerodynamics based air-duct design, featured structure construction enable EXVAC680S Smarteye TM generate not more than 60DB noise in standard cleaning.
8.Simpler MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

Simpler EXVAC680S   Covers More in one press

Press to Start
Thanks to the smart navigation system, EXVAC680S Smarteye TM has very wise cleaning patterns to cover most reachable areas. No much repeat, no much miss. It is just the way that you like and wanted.
scheduling MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg
Scheduling on APP
Make a cleaning schedule at any time from anywhere as long as network is available.
APP control MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg
APP+OTA Upgrading
Control EXVAC680S in your hands OTA upgrade firmware timely Receive feedback from robot in time
12 features MAMIBOT EXVAC680S.jpg

 About Mamibot EXVAC680S' Smarteye TM 12 Features

More to learn about V4.0 Slam V+Gyro navigation

Why V+ GYRO.jpg
Comparision between V+GYRO SLAM AND LASE

Comparisons between

V+Gyro Navigation and LDS Navigation

V+Gyro Navigation system is designed after LDS navigation for robot cleaners, it is basically considered as the V4.0 robot cleaner navigation technology