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Mamibot iGLASSBOT W110-F est a  robot fenestra lautus cum patented  Exantlaretur TM aqua Spray Features. Est 4 gen rotundum fenestrae robotae lautior, et iam fenestrae robotae tenuissimae mundior cum aqua spargit munus.

W110-P Spraying.jpg

2020 Exemplar praetoriae:  W110-F


Promotional Edition  W110-P

Self-Water-spraying Featured

Multifunctional Purgatio  

Features et Commoda

Brand new and upgraded


W110-P saves both time and effort for you especially on big-size window cleaning


W110-P Cleans deeper in wet mode

The sprayed-out water mist can enhance its cleaning efficiency without getting the glass surface too wet

Dual Rotating Pads
The dual rotating pads can wipe dust and heavy dirt thorougher and more efficient
Motor with strong suction
enables the robot stick on glass tight and safe, and gives strong power to guarantee a good cleaning result

2500Pa Suction Power + 4m long Safety Rope

provide multiple safety  guarantee in cleaning. The 4 meter nylon safety rope can help your robot reach farther when it’s wiping the glass

Safety Rope:
Nylon, 4 meters

Superior Safety Rope and Climbing Carabiner Clips

Mamibot W110-P marketing 8.jpg

Sensitivo Edge-pressio deprehendatur ratio

Instructa in pressuris detectio sensoriis revocata robot retrogradam movet, cum vitreum ora sine intermissione deprehendet.


*** data ex lab ad solam referentiam, non suggessit vitrum mundum sine compagine

Prorsus algorithmus & sensoriis pro fenestra cincinno captura deprehendatur  

Deprehendere fenestram cincinno capturam in tempore ne superfluum cessat machinasque scandalum in purgatio processus

Anti-procidens et compaginem detectam

Cum vitreum crepitum sine compagine occurrit, ore-deprehensio ipso facto urguetur ne robot a pressione amissa quae decidere potest.


Intelligent Path-planning and returning to start point automatically

W110-P  plans and cleans in “Z” or “N”, or “Z”+”N” modes and avoid itself being stuck by window handles

Return to start point
after each cleaning

Mamibot W110-P marketing 9.jpg

Arida et infectum deletis integratis  

Elige aridam abstergendo primum purgandum, pulverem gravem et lutum absterge; elige infectum alens  in circulo secundario ad accuratiorem purgandam experientiam.

Gravis pulvis esse difficile est

movetur, sed siccis tergendo

potest adiuvare.

Postquam pulvis gravis emovetur, purgatio humida magis esse potest     efficient ac diligentius


Plures vias servare incolumem

Salus Funis, UPS et Salutis Cable omnes provisi sunt ut processus purgaret tuto

Negans pressura suctionis

Window Glass


Frameless Glass door

Well-sealed ceramic floor surface

W110-P Using angle.jpg
Built-in UPS

The UPS supports up to 30 minutes suction when there’s a sudden power shut-down, an alarm beeps for security reminding

Self-sticking on glass

in sudden shut-down

Up to 30 minutes

UPS powering

App & Remote Controllable

Operate W110-p via APP or remote control. Direct it to the proper location manually when necessary

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mamibot W110-P (16).png
mamibot W110-P (5).png
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