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Three reasons why you should change the way you mop to vacuum mop


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1. Mop wastes your time and energy

When we use the mop we have to bow hard and mop the floor over and over again, even sometimes there is a risk of sending the dirty water from the mop back to the floor by pushing too hard, which leads us may do it again, so we have to spend more time and energy to mop.

The wet/dry vacuum only needs some water before starting to mop, and it has a power-driven system that allows you to clean all the rooms easily while you using TikTok.

2. Mop is dirty

Your mop is not as clean as you think it is. A lot of stains and dirt will stick to the mop when cleaning, and over time your mop will get dirtier and dirtier, and it’s hard to clean again.

The wet/dry vacuum with its cleaning base automatically cleans the water pipe and brush. you won’t be annoyed with the stinky after each self-cleaning.

3. Mop breeds bacteria

During the process of mopping, stains in contact with a moist environment always breed bacteria. mop can’t fix it, it even produces more bacteria, however, a wet/dry vacuum like Mamibot Flomo can electrolytic tap water in 30s for disinfection, so you can live in a very comfortable and clean environment.

Mamibot wet/dry vacuum FlomoMax

1. Strong-power suction, deep dirt and stain removal

Flomo Max with up to 13000pa suction power to efficiently deep clean, it can easily takes all stains, dirt and the residue from your carpet.


2. Self-cleaning for odor-free

Every time after cleaning, you can simply return the robot to its base station, touch to start self-cleaning, it cleans the water pipe, brush set automatically.


3. Electrolytic tap water for disinfection

Electrocuted water refers to that is produced by the electrolysis of ordinary tap water containing dissolved sodium chloride. The electrolysis of such salt solutions produces a solution of hypochlorous acid and sodium hydroxide.The resulting water can be used as a disinfectant.


4.Stick-to-edge half-open brush,cleans better and thorougher

It’s been so difficult for all conventional cleaners to reach the edge of walls in daily cleaning. Now FLOMO MAX is able to solve your problem.


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