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Mopping Robot GyroNavi® Sweepur® 120

Real Efficient Mopping Robot


Mamibot Sweepur® 120 is a mopping robot supported by GyroNavi® box, which can clean floor efficient, and perform as well as ourselves. 

Sweepur120 helps mopping a lot

The Sweepur® 120 Mopping robot Works in a Way of

More Intelligent

Gyroscope Built-in

GyroNavi® Box Guided

Nothing more to be expected if

it works as well as you do

Intelligent Cleaning Patterns

Stylish Round-Square Design

Wet Deeping Mopping

Dry Fast Mopping 

Protects itself well

It's too quiet to aware it when it's working

There are plenty of reasons to love the Mamibot Sweepur® 120

Mamibot Sweepur120 cleaning pad

Cleaning Pads

Mamibot Sweepur120 cleaning cloth

Cleaning Cloths

Mamibot Sweepur120 adapter


Mamibot GyroNavi box of Sweepur120

GyroNavi Box

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