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Robot Vacuum Cleaners Help

June 24th, 2013


Many people doubt whether a robotic vacuum really works, while the answer might be “not sure” some years ago, but “yes” now after some many products had been proved to be helpful. Manufacturers can’t guarantee robotic vacuums totally replace the heavy conventional vacuums or a human labor, however, a well-configured robotic vacuum cleaner really helps a lot on house cleaning. Comparing the robotic vacuum cleaners to heavy conventional vacuums, they are lighter, more versatile and have more features than ever before. The robotic vacuum is designed to keep you from having to actually DO the vacuuming as much, or at all. Choosing a vacuum is not as easy as it used to be because of all the choices and features available. You have to figure out what your needs are and find which features will best work in your home.

A robotic vacuum is just what the name claims it to be, a vacuum that is robotically controlled. It vacuums by itself. Robotic vacuum cleaners are worry free and labor free. You can program a robotic vacuum cleaner to automatically clean your floors while you are out of home/office. You can program them to vacuum while you are home, but you have to make sure that you do not trip over the vacuum cleaner. 


Most robotic vacuum cleaners come with a charging dock or something similar for charging. Some of these vacuums are so intelligent that they can sense when their battery is low and they find their dock and reattach for charging. They also do this when they are finished cleaning, so that they will always be charged and ready when you need them. Not all models are capable of re-docking themselves, check the features of each model to fit your needs.


The robotic vacuums are the wave of technology in cleaning. According to manufacturers, they are intended for cleaning between regular vacuuming, not as a comparison to a full sized vacuum. According to reviews and users testing these robotic vacuum cleaners seem to work decently according to their intended use. They use sensors to detect how large the room is and calculate how long it will take to clean it. Some models have dirt sensors to detect extremely dirty areas and repeat cleaning over a specific area before moving on. 


The technology has not become as advanced as a human using a vacuum where you can see exactly what needs cleaned or where there is a very dirty spot. The edging sensors allow the units to vacuum near obstacles such as walls and furniture without damaging anything. The size allows the vacuum to clean underneath furniture also, those hard to reach places that a typical vacuum cannot get to without moving the furniture. That feature alone could make a robotic vacuum in the lower price range worthwhile.

* Keeps your floors clean in between regular vacuuming, so if you normally vacuum on weekends, the robotic could touchup once or twice during the week and your floors would always look and feel clean. 
* No manual labor needed to keep the floors swept regularly.
* Robotic vacuum cleaners can access those hard-to-reach places under couches and beds where an upright can’t reach. 
* The technology keeps getting better in robotic vacuum cleaners, they are getting smarter and more efficient than the first models introduced. 
* You can create virtual walls to keep the vacuum out of rooms that you do not want it to sweep.

* Prices are a huge range, you could spend between $50-1500 for a robotic vacuum cleaner, and for the most part you get what you pay for, know what you want and check the features carefully. 
* You still have to make sure the floor is clear of items that will redirect the vacuum or it may pick items that are not meant to be picked up. 
* Dirt sensors may or may not detect dirtier areas of floors and not pass over them enough to properly clean the area. 
* The automatic battery sensors and charging docks that the unit will attach itself to and recharge are an accessory item unless you purchase the higher priced models. 
* You may have to empty the dirt bin manually, depending on the size of your rooms the vacuum may not be able to clean your whole house without being emptied. 
* If you have two stories, you have to move the unit from floor to floor or have one on each floor.
Robotic vacuum cleaners are a great product for their intended use and the target market they are seeking. For cleaning between regular vacuuming while you are away at work or the store, these work amazing. They are perfect for light duty touchups in rooms where you do not have anything left on the floor such as toys or pet items. Being able to vacuum under couches and beds without moving them around, or having to get down on the floor with a hose is a great time and back saver. If you are looking for a system to keep your floors cleaner on a daily basis and you just do not have time to drag out an upright every day the robotic vacuum cleaner is a Godsend.


About Mamibot

With a mission and vision of “My automating ideas be overture”, we are dedicated to design and manufacture robots that can perform as intelligently as, or even outperform humans on household chores. We provide a wide range of home cleaning robots, inside and outside, including vacuum cleaners for floors, robotic mops, robotic window cleaner and robotic lawn mowers. We have a great vision of saving you from all-around tedious chores. 

Compared to the competition, which we have actually done many times in various experiments and will keep doing so to maintain our superiority, Mamibot robots are featured better cleaning performance, with smarter technology, more user-friendly design and durable hardware. 


With Mamibot robots, you can have dustless carpets and floors, shinning windows, neatly mowed lawns, while being free from endless chores. Let's leave all chores to our robotic cleaners, and enjoy an easier life!

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