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Mamibot PROVAC350 - a promotional robot vacuum cleaner with auto-charging and scheduling


The Mamibot Provac350 is designed for promotional market with auto-charging and scheduling

Multiple cleaning modes


The Provac350 cleans in different modes including edge cleaning, zigzag cleaning, spiral cleaning, etc. A smarter program drives this special robot to in efficient way. 


LED SCREEN and Touch buttons


LED screen to show exact status of battery level, time, working modes, and touch screen to operate for starting/pause or recharching

Vacuums various debris


Provac350 vacuums different debris and sucks dust /hair efficiently. 

Cleans pet hair smart

It is important that you don't need to get rid of the hair on beater brush if you have pet at home. The Mamibot ProVac350 has no beater brush, which is good for hair cleaning.

PETVAC300 Cleaning objects2.jpg

Everyday scheduling system 


You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring the APP. It runs as you wish and recharges whenever battery is low.

Monday to Sunday.jpg

Quiet  enough


The Mamibot PetVac300 is powered by efficient but strong motors, which can output enough suction while keep the robot as quiet as possible. 

Three levels of filtering system


Three levels of filtering to keep exhausted air clean, and avoid secondary pollution. 

Auto charging


With series of sensors to guide the robot find charging station fast and precisely. 


Longer side brushes

Edge cleaning is always not easy because the robot may leave these areas un-cleaned if the brushes are not long enough. The extra extended brushes help it reach farther to deal with scattered debris on floor.

Clean different types of floor


ProVac350 cleans ceramic, marble, wooden floor and carpets. 

floor types.png

Slim Design - only 7.5cm


The ProVac350 can work in most underneath areas of sofa/chairs/beds or other furniture.

It is an efficient assistant for your house daily cleaning.

Brush and vacuuming port.jpg

Anti-falling sensors to protect your robot well


With a series of high-accuracy infrared sensors, the PROVAC350 will not drop off steps higher than 8 cm.

Anti-cliff sensors to protect your furniture

The group infrared sensors protects your robot and prevent it from bumping into your furniture/households rudely.