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Wet Mopping Robot Cleaner - Mamibot PreVac650, Compatible with Amazon Echo

1 PREVAC650 = 1 Vacuuming Robot + 1 Mopping Robot
PREVAC650 is a higher end robot vacuum cleaner, which has two seperated dust bins, one with vacuuming, the other with built-in water tank, biggest built-in water tank of 330ml capacity. 
PreVac also has higher end localization system realized by gyroscppe, groups of top end infrared sensors and acceleratino transducers. 

Wet Mopping


Wifi Control


Time Scheduling

Auto Cleaning

Multiple cleaning modes


The Mamibot PreVac650, as most of Mamibot's previous robot cleaners, can clean different types of floors in modes of zigzag, auto, edge cleaning, spot cleaning. 

But PreVac650 performs better when doing zigzag cleaning after using the INFRA-GYRO integrated lozalization technology. 

Spiral Cleaning

Edge Cleaning

Auto Cleaning

Random  Cleaning

Zigzag Cleaning

Big LED Screen


With LED screen to display time, working status, error codes, battery status, and set up working schedule.

robot vacuum cleaners lawn mowers house mopping cleaning tool

Everyday scheduling system 


You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring the remote control. It runs as you wish and recharges whenever power is low.

robot vacuum cleaners lawn mowers house mopping cleaning tool

APP control


To start, stop, recall your robot cleaner at any time, anywhere in the world as long as there is internet (Optional function)

Auto Charging 


The PreVac650 can find auto charging station fast and charge itself to 100% in three hours only.

Three levels of filtering system


Three levels of filtering to make the air clean. 

Big water tank and big mop


It has the biggest water tank of 330 ml which is enough for 2-3 hours wet mopping. The super micro-fabric cloth is good in cleaning heavy dirt and easy to be washed.

Anti-cliff sensors to protect your robot well


With a series of high-accuracy infrared sensors, the PreVac650 will not drop off steps higher than 5 cm, while most robot cleaners will drop off if steps are less than 8 cm.

Strong wheels move easily from room to room


The two strong wheels are able to climb over steps up to 2 cm high. It moves easily from your dinning room to bed rooms, from bed rooms to kitchen. 

Longer working time 


2600mAh lithium-ion battery pack supports PreVac650 work for over 2 hours after each charging. Sometimes it can ever work over 2 hours if there is no carpet. However, only 3 hours charging to recover it. 

Scan to download Mamibot APP for PreVac650, or search "mamibot" in IOS APPstore or Google play



Ø32.0*8.8 cm


Net Weight: 3.0kgs


Gross Weight: 5.6Kgs


Technical Parameters

Battery: Lithium battery


Adatper: 100-240V AC


Working Time: 120-180 min


Dust box: 600ml Capacity

Water Tank: 330ml

Packing Info

20GP: 800 PCS


40GP: 1600 PCS


40HQ: 2000 PCS


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