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Mamibot New cleaning robots HKTDC Spring Edition 2018 Electronics Show

Jess Wilder

Apr 15, 2018

April 16th HK, the 2018 HKTDC Consumer Electronics Fair has come to a successful end. With the unrelenting aim “Make life simpler and easier”, Mamibot’s new smart cleaning items have aroused great interest of many visitors, including social media who took videos and pictures and had an interview for Mamibot new smart robotic items, trade visitors from worldwide, distributors, retailers and end customers. Mamibot offers a good chance to be interactive with customers and gets to know what their demands are. Mamibot showcases some intelligent robot vacuum cleaners, window cleaning robots, multifunctional electric mops on the fair this year. Alexa control and Mapping function are the main eye-catching advantages for the new Gyro navigation robot vacuum Exvac660 PLATINUM. This is an unique robot vacuum which combines wet mopping and dry vacuuming, with big water tank, big mop, cloud-wifi control mapping system. It draws maps on your cellphone. You can know exactly where the robot is through the APP in your hand. While the new square Window Cleaning Robot W120-S and round W110-T comes into the spotlight of the show. It can clean window, glass, tiles, marbles or other kinds of flat surfaces with smart APP control. It also has infrared sensors to detect cliff. An embedded UPS (un-interrupted Power System) prevents the robot from falling down when the power is interrupted or off suddenly. It can stay in the window for half an hour even without any power. ​ MOPA580 multifunctional electric mop, one of the best electric mop/polisher/waxer, caught many people's attention over the show. Combined functions of mopping, waxing, polishing, and scrubbing, can be controlled easily by one-press button, works for 30-40 minutes and powered by lithium battery. ​ Mamibot also released it's new designed top end UV vacuum cleaner UVLITE100, which has luxury design, 30 minutes working time (battery powered), 4000PA vacuuming power, 9W UV lamp for killing bateria. "It is the best ever UV vacuum cleaner i've known, in my past 5 years business in this field", said one of the client from USA, "this UV vacuum cleaner will be the top selling model for the next 2-3 years, without any doubt." ​ Founded in 2013 in the field of smart home appliance, Mamibot Manufacturing USA Inc. is dedicated to removing your burden of tedious chores and making the mundane things in life easier. For more information, please visit: ​ About Mamibot ​ Household robots are rewriting human’s cleaning history. A new era of intelligent house keeping is dawning upon the world. Mamibot was born at the historic moment, bringing you cutting-edge robotic technology and unprecedented easy life. ​ Mamibot Manufacturing USA Inc. is an USA based leading manufacturer of robotic products, and has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing robots that can perform as intelligently as, or even outperform humans on household chores for years. Mamibot provides a wide range of home cleaning robots, inside and out, including vacuum cleaners, robot mowers and innovative electric floor cleaners, etc. We have a great vision of saving you from all-around tedious chores. ​ Mamibot has the most creative and aggressive team including engineers in respect of mechanical, industrial design, electrical, software and sales. Compared to the competition, which we have actually done many times in various experiments and will keep doing so to maintain our superiority, Mamibot robots are featured better cleaning performance, with smarter technology, more user-friendly design and durable hardware. ​ With Mamibot robots, you can have dustless carpets, shining windows and a neatly mowed lawn, while be free from endless chores. Leave all chores to your new house keeper, and enjoy an easier life! ​ As a robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Mamibot owns more than 20 production lines in its two robot cleaner factories where they produce robot vacuum cleaners, robot window cleaners, electric mops and polishers, cordless stick vacuums, etc. The Mamibot engineering team have been working in robotic cleaner industry for more than 5 years, with comprehensive knowlegde about manufacturing, designing, quality management and production. ​ Mamibot is now one of the manufacturers who produce the most comprehensive types of robot cleaners in the world. Mamibot offers robot floor cleaners for entry level, middle level and top end market, pet hair cleaning market, and also for small-size apartment cleaning, middle-size house cleaning, big size house cleaning; Mamibot offers robot window cleaners for internal and external glass of high-rise buildings, villas, apartment, shops, factories and stores; Mamibot offers cordless cleaning devices such as multifunctional dual spin electric polishers/mops, cordless stick vacuum cleaners, dust mite vacuum cleaners which kill bacteria and dust mite, etc. ​ Mamibot's products have the best quality among all same prive level competitors', and with the best prices among all the same quality level products. As one of the most promising brands, Mamibot is growing to top three popular robot cleaner brands in robotic cleaning devices in Europe.

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