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V4.0 Real Intelligent V+gyro SLAM Navigation robot vacuum lautus  - Mamibot EXVAC680S Smarteye TM

Vera intelligentes VISUAL SLAM Navigatio robot vacuum mundior a Mamibot, et 4 generatio dolor mundior - MAMIBOT EXVAC680S. Hoc usque nunc unum e emissione roboti vacuum efficax et efficax est, enucleatum amplis technologiarum recentium provectorum. Compatibile est cum Alexa Amazone, Google fabula, omnia in unum ab APP moderata et ab alicubi in mundo exerceri potest, dum retis in promptu est.



Hybrid Robot Cleaner EXVAC700 Pioneer

by Gyroscope Navigation


Upgraded Gyroscope Navigation

which is supported by the 6th generation technology of gyroscope navigation system, EXVAC700 works in a smarter and more precise pattern.



Max Power
2600mAh Li-ion
4 Levels of Suction
Mapping When Cleaning
3 Levels of Mopping
Brushless Motor
Dual Side Brushes
Up to 2CM Climbing
Multiple Sensors
Only 7.5cm High
APP control OTA Upgrading
Voice Controllable

POTIOR EXVAC680S'  Smarteye TM 

nativus Brushless motorum
Vis fortior, strepitus inferior, spatium spatium longior, celeritas rotativa superior, consumptio minor vis
Powerful Cleaning
Quiet Cleaning
Spot Cleaning
Transire et ascendit impedimentum
EXVAC680S transire et transcendere ab 15mm ad maximum 20mm impedimenta potest, quae significat multas mansiones et stragulas vacui modo debito modo.
Effugere citius cum got capti
Cum deprehensus est purgatio, EXVAC680S  incipit detecta in 360 graduum angulum evadendi implicatum. Epistula mittetur ad APP in phone si effugere non potest, et modum dormiendi intrabit statim in 10 minuta.

Vacuuming Power 0.65Kpa/1Kpa/2Kpa/2.8Kpa

Dust Box


300ml Water tank (+/-5%)

The water tank is electronic-controllable, with 3 levels of seepage speed. It is also possible to control the seepage on the APP page. One full tank of water is able to support a 90 minutes lasting wet mopping.


Mapping your floor 

EXVAC700 maps its routine in the cleaning process to optimise the cleaning efficiency and show its cleaning map on the APP.


Our Water Tank

Old Detachable
Water Tank

300ml for bigger mopping capacity

Maximum 150ml only for smaller area

Leaking whenever attached

Seepage flow not controllable

3 levels of controllable speed

Automatically stop leaking in parking, triggered by your order

Bigger area with a 30cm wide cloth

Uneven leaking in narrowed area


App Controllable & Shareable


EXVAC700 can be controlled by Smartphone via APP and shared to your family members. Messages will be popped up on App page when the robot is in trouble (e.g., brush/wheel is blocked, low battery/water, etc.)

Remote Operating & OTA Upgrading


Change Modes


Change Suction

Seepage Adjusting

Schedule Setting

Upgrade the firmware and APP edition via OTA, control and check your robot from smart phone at any time, from anywhere when network is available. 

Workable with smart speaker

EXVAC700 can be connected to smart speakers such as Alexa, Google home,Yandex,Tmall Geneie.

Floating Beater Brush

The floating beater brush is able to be lifted up and down so that EXVAC700 can vauum the floor thorougher with higher suction, especially when it is vacuuming on rugs.


2600mAh Li-ion Battery

in one full charge for maximum 140 minutes cleaning (when it is cleaning in quiet mode)


Auto Recharging

It returns to charging stations automatically after each cleaning or when battery is low.

Press to Factory Reset

Clear system bugs and recover to Factory Settings by a press.


Climbing over Up to 2cm

It is able to cross over most obstacles on various floor conditions when there are short-tile rugs, skirting, etc.

Slim design of 7.5cm high

It goes in and out of underneath areas easier and efficiently

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