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G2 HYBRID ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER - Mamibot EXVAC660 robot vacuum cleaner with mapping system

Mamibot EXVAC660 PLATINUM is obviously brand new generation hybrid robot cleaner with superb performance and more reliable cleaning efficiency than any other models of the past. 

It is not Vslam navigation robot though, it has really outstanding navigation system algorithmically. Powered by more precise sensors and elements including gyroscopes, infrared sensors, brushless motors, etc, Mamibot EXVAC660 PLATINUM can perform as well as its counterpart models who claim to have Vslam or Laser Slam navigation, but EXVAC660 PLATINUM may only be half price of these counterpart models. 


Multiple cleaning modes

Mamibot EXVAC660 PLATINUM has multiple cleaning modes, and with APP to control cleaning modes at any time from anywhere. EXVAC660 maps cleaning paths on cellphone automatically and timely. It saves more time and avoids repeating cleaning.

Everyday scheduling system 


You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring the remote control. It runs as you wish and recharges whenever power is low.

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It's easy to operate EXVAC660 PLATINUM

Cloud-wifi control from cellphone, remote control, one-press to start, monitor cleaning status via APP, setting cleaning schedule on APP or from remote control. we have thought of the most possible occassions for you in advance. 

Mamibot EXVAC660 PLATINUM is configured with specially designed chips for floor cleaning. 

PLATINUM can recongnize single room and starts single room cleaning in smart way.


EXVAC660 PLATINUM is stronger in terms of mopping and vacuuming, 

2800PA (Lab data) vacuuming power, IC-controlled water tank, 2600mAh li-ion battery, Japanese brushless vacuuming motors. we made everything better than we planned to. 


EXVAC660 PLATINUM Requires less charging time, outputs more cleaning time

Powered by 2600mAh Li-ion battery, EXVAC660 can work for 120 minutes maximumly. In 5-6 hours the battery would be fully charged. Even with 2800pa vacuuming power, EXVAC660 works longer than most of its counterpart models. 


More Sensors with higher accuracy, EXVAC660 PLATINUM finds home easier

180 degrees angle to receive and send signal between the robot and charging station,EXVAC660 PLATINUM finds the station and charges itself faster and easier than ever before. 

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